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Are you looking for support in your personal development? Let’s investigate together which of the wide range of styles and tools can bring you further.

You learn how to develop your own strategies and how to realize your desired goals.

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About me

I give coaching sessions because I love it. To give connection, and to be really present for a person. It is beautiful to witness real transformation and honest change. Resulting from people allowing themselves to be open, to really look and feel (often for the first time in many years).

To acknowledge the wounds and limiting self-sabotaging patterns the we acquired, but also our potential. The power to be and acknowledge and then celebrate the change.

I’m an empath. I’ve walked through many paths myself and am continuing to go and grow. In my personal journey I discovered that there is not one method that always fits at all times. Just as people are different, we are different at certain stages of our lives and are looking for different approaches.

For this I use individual counselling sessions, cognitive tools, solution orientation, bodywork and bioenergetics, mindfulness & yoga.

I would like to invite you to regain trust in your own body and to awaken you to your unique expression. And because also still work as a researcher and in other therapy and retreat settings, I’m not looking to fill my slots. And you will not hear me selling a product. On the contrary, I will ask you if you are committed (to yourself) and open for real change.

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Change often happens with these three steps:

Transformation happens when all three parts are involved.

Are you ready to really look?

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