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I'm Mona Irrmischer, a researcher (PhD), neuropsychologist and mindfulness trainer

I offer solutions to help you to enhance the quality of your life. This can mean reducing stress and anxiety or enhancing your natural potential and looking beyond the ordinary.

Everyone is different so I offer a wide range of techniques that target the mind (understanding, mindfulness & cognitive tools), the body (yoga, bioenergetics, breathwork) and real life applications.

Scroll down for an overview of the different approaches and see which one resonates the most. Or maybe we can do a combination. For you, or for your company.

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Open up to a new way of life

With mindfulness we practice to experience every moment consciously and to really be present. Wouldn't it be nice to have regular moments to get back to yourself, to have a time-out and to do something for your own well-being?

I offer: private sessions, groups, workshops, lectures

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Solutions for the workplace

A small support in time can prevent bigger long term problems

Offer: According to your companies demands I work from in a range from general workshops to in-depth one on one support. In-company private coaching mindfulness breathwork teambuilding outings

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Discover your own potential through discovering your body

Our breath means life. What if there is much more energy locked inside you just waiting to be discovered? Allow movements and the breath to guide you towards a more awakened self.

I offer:Breathwork, bodywork, bioenergetics and yoga

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Support in private sessions

Are you looking for support in your personal development? Let’s investigate together which of the wide range of styles and tools can bring you further.

I Offer: individual counselling, cognitive tools, develop strategies, bodywork and bioenergetics, mindfulness & yoga, working with the inner child

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Equine Workshops

Discover yourself through training with horses

Let horses be your coach! Discover your potential in relation to another, and find new ways of connection, communication and leadership.

I offer: Private and company workshops

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Talks, Workshops and Research

Looking for workshop on the latest scientific findings in Meditation, Neuroscience and Stress Prevention?

Or are you interested in collaborating in research? Let’s get in contact!

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Diving Workshops

Utilizing the special features of scuba diving for personal development and office outings.

I offer: Private and company workshops

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